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    Org Chart

    Selling to marketing departments is never easy. Engaging marketers requires an understanding of roles and responsibilities. With Zoominfo’s org charts you’ll be able to identify team structure and who you should prioritize in the sales outreach process.

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    Job Titles

    ZoomInfo’s robust database keeps you connected to traditional and emerging job titles within the marketing function. Target roles and management levels across marketing organizations to engage the lead you need to accelerate your sales cycle -- including marketing operations, design and creative, digital analysts, general demand generation managers, and even Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs)

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    Industry Alerts and Intent Data

    Whether it be funding rounds, product launches, or personnel changes, ZoomInfo provides alerts and intent data to help reach and personalize your message to marketers based on what they care about most.

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    Direct Contact Data

    Selling data to marketers has never been more straightforward. Leverage Zoominfo’s direct contact data to target the right buyer and increase your marketing department leads.

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