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Looking to improve B2B sales for companies that need to move freight? Zoominfo has contact information for all of your logistics, trucking, and freight broker leads.

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    Org Chart

    Unless you have access to a fleet’s dispatch to do roll call, understanding transportation and logistics company structure is no easy feat. Enter ZoomInfo, your one-stop-shop to track down the right leads by land, sea, or flight. Use ZoomInfo’s org charts to track down ideal prospects within trucking, freight, and other transportation and logistics companies.

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    Job Titles

    Logistics and transportation is a huge industry with a wide range of job titles. ZoomInfo gives you the blueprint you need to narrow your search within these companies. Whether you’re looking for logistics coordinators, fleet managers, customs brokers, or job titles within specific industry niches, ZoomInfo always delivers!

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    Industry Alerts and Intent Data

    How do you keep up with companies that, by definition, are always on-the-go? Get updates that alert your sales team to actionable opportunities based on changes to funding, technology, leadership and more within the logistics and transportation industry!

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    Direct Contact Data

    Planes, trains and automobiles! The logistics and transportation industry is always on the move. ZoomInfo helps you keep up with prospecting information across key verticals within the fulfillment, trucking and freight companies. Move your goods with ZoomInfo’s comprehensive direct contact information, including accurate direct dial phone numbers and email addresses.

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