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Looking for increased finance and accounting B2B sales leads? Zoominfo’s lead database helps you find the right contacts in accounting firms or corporate finance departments.

Boost your balance sheet by connecting with the professionals who report on the financial performance for companies! ZoomInfo’s contact database of finance and accounting professionals will boost lead generation performance and keep your business up and to the right!

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    Org Chart

    For financial departments, reporting is the name of the game. For your business, reporting matters, too -- just in a different way: Understand who rolls up to who, and use ZoomInfo org charts to find key decision makers

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    Job Titles

    Finance and account departments are as complex as the reports each is responsible for filing. Pinpoint who’s who in finance and accounting companies with ZoomInfo’s database full of exact job titles to accelerate your sales and revenue.

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    Industry Alerts and Intent Data

    In order to make a pitch at the right time, you need to know what’s happening within a company. What decisions are they making, and who is making them? ZoomInfo has top industry alerts and a database of intent data so you can stay ahead of the competition.

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    Direct Contact Data

    Finance and accounting companies and professionals understand the value of reliable business data. It makes or breaks their ability to perform. Guess what? The same goes for companies like yours who need to reach those financial gurus. Reach finance and accounting prospects using ZoomInfo’s database of up-to-date contact information, including direct dial phone numbers and email addresses.

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Job history

Professional connections

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Be first in the door with scoops and alerts on Finance & Accounting companies


Track News & Events for your target companies


Get alerted to leadership changes in your target organizations


Identify industry trends by following new projects and funding

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