• What is ZoomInfo Chat online scheduler?

    Our online scheduler displays shared calendars directly within your website chat to make it easier than ever to schedule next steps with your most valuable prospects and leads.

    • Display in Live Chat or Chatbot conversations: Share a calendar with a visitor at the right time to help them schedule an appointment with someone on your team.
    • Optimize your ‘Thank you’ page: Empower prospects and customers to schedule a meeting immediately after filling out a web form.
    • CRM & Calendar integrations: After the meeting is booked, our scheduler automatically creates an event in your CRM, sends a confirmation email, and adds the details to your leads’ and reps’ Google or Microsoft calendars.

  • Track abandoned calendars

    Take the mystery out of tracking website visitors who jump before booking a meeting.

    • Instant alerts: Notify your teams the moment a valuable lead abandons the meeting scheduler before choosing a date and time.
    • Automated outreach: Trigger follow up emails to connect with high intent prospects who drop off before scheduling an appointment.
    • Conversation redirects: Pick up the conversation where you left off by targeting returning to visitors to your website based on whether they booked, canceled, or abandoned a meeting.

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