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free company contact information

10 FREE contacts (emails + phone numbers) per month

free company contact information

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ZoomInfo Community Edition works by granting access to your email via the secure Open Authentication protocol. In return for securely sharing your business contacts, you get free, ongoing access to over 150 million people and 16 million companies.

Get free access to contact information

free company contact information

Reach buyers faster

Search by 20+ criteria and access detailed profiles. Find decision makers (from execs to mid-managers) at companies of all sizes.

free company contact information

Warm up old calls

Go beyond basic business card data and get work and education history, awards won, board affiliations, and web mentions that go back 12 years.

free company contact information

Share your contacts

Easily download and install the plug-in and the app will automatically contribute your business contacts. No manual uploading of business cards required.

ZoomInfo respects the privacy and confidentiality of your data. View our  Privacy Policy. To learn more about ZoomInfo Community Edition, please click  here  to view our FAQs.


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