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Most data providers promise data quality or quantity. With our B2B database you can have both. We provide access to more firmographic data points than any other B2B data provider. The ZoomInfo B2B database contains detailed information about the companies that matter most to you, plus the information you need to get in touch with key contacts within each account. Whether you use ZoomInfo for data hygiene or to get in touch with more prospects, our database is a valuable resource for sales and marketing professionals.

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    Search Contacts & Companies

    Find the contacts you’re looking for based on industry, location, company size, company revenue, job title, job function, and more. Our B2B database contains the most direct dials and email addresses than any other business data provider.

    Build Targeted Email Lists

    Create comprehensive, high-quality email lists to build better email marketing campaigns. Reach your best buyers, segment your existing contact database, or build a new list based on persona or industry.

    Manage Your Database

    Cleanse, organize and evolve your email database to keep your business data accurate. Uncover holes in existing records and identify important trends within your customer base to reach the people who matter most.

    The World’s Leading Firmographic Data Provider

    “Since bringing on ZoomInfo five months ago, we’ve seen a 798% increase in call to connect rates and a 41% increase in pipeline build, specifically for Enterprise accounts. ZoomInfo’s accuracy with direct dials is second to none. We’re making connections and having engaging conversations. That wasn’t happening before to the same degree.”

    Jeff Hendricks

    Manager of Business Development at Appcues