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Painting: Summer on Mt. Tam

"A little pure wildness is the one great present want."
John Muir

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Celebrities - Links to sites by and of famous people who live or lived in Mill Valley.
You and Me - Links to sites by the rest of us.

Rita Abrams Interviewed
The British Online magazine Electric Dreams interviews Rita Abrams, writer and singer of the hit song Mill Valley and co-writer, with Stan Sinberg, of the play For Whom the Bridge Tolls. There is also a page, called Mill Valley: The Song, containing the lyrics of the song, as well as the liner notes written by Rita for the CD re-released in 2000.

Eve Arden
Actor Eve Arden; an Information Please page.

Ernest Bloch
An article about the composer who wrote the epic symphonic rhapsody America while living in Mill Valley.

Lucienne Bloch
Photography and other artworks by Lucienne Bloch.

Dana Carvey
Entertainer Dana Carvey.

Julia Child
PBS' page on the late master chef Julia Child.

Catherine Coulter
Author Catherine Coulter.

The Peter Coyote Web Site
Actor, author and activist Peter Coyote.

Jill Eikenberry and Michael Tucker
USA Today article about former LA Lawyers Michael Tucker and Jill Eikenberry.

Mimi Farina
Folk singer and founder of Bread & Roses, a charitable organization that produces free, live musical shows at prisons, senior centers, and organizations for the underprivileged; A Tribute to Mimi Fariña by the Bread & Roses site.

Jack Finney
Obituary of Jack Finney, author of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Good Neighbor Sam, Time and Again and others.

Jerry Garcia
Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.

Sammy Hagar
The "Red Rocker", rock singer Sammy Hagar.

Mariel Hemingway
Actor Mariel Hemingway; an Information Please page.

Huey Lewis and the News | HLN Today
Huey Lewis and the News.

BJ Hunnicutt
B.J. Hunnicutt (Actually a page on Mike Farrell and the part he played on M*A*S*H - the Army captain who often spoke wistfully of his home town, Mill Valley).

Joyce Maynard
Writer Joyce Maynard's site.

KTVU - Ross McGowan
Television broadcaster Ross McGowan.

Rob Morse
San Francisco Chronicle columnist Rob Morse.

Maria Muldaur
Blues singer Maria Muldaur.

Pat Paulsen
Archive and memorial to the late comedian and politician Pat Paulsen.

Kathleen Quinlan
A site dedicated to the actor in such movies as A Civil Action, My Giant and Breakdown; by Paul Feeney.

Howard Rheingold
Mill Valley author and cyberpresence Howard Rheingold, who also took part in the founding of HotWired.

William Sievers
Member of the singing group Sopwith Camel.

Martin Cruz Smith
Author Martin Cruz Smith; a Stop, You're Killing Me page.

Courtney Thorne-Smith
Actress Courtney Thorne-Smith, especially known for her part of Georgia Thomas in the TV show Ally McBeal, an IMDB page.

Stanley Tucci
Actor and director Stanley Tucci, an IMDB page.


You and Me
J.D. Starr.

Adam & Martina's Web Site
Adam and Martina.

Alan Astengo's Home Page
Alan Astengo.

Alison L. Marsden
Alison L. Marsden.

iBienvenidos! Welcome! Bienvenue! Selamat Datang!
Lori & Jason Adams-Brown.

Bill Amatneek's Acoustic Stories
Bill Amatneek.

Bill Keener's Page
Bill Keener.

Brian and Candy Wilson
Brian and Candy Wilson.

John Philip Freeman.

Daisy and Dave's Page
Daisy and Dave Davis.

Daniel Nettell's Homepage
Daniel Nettell.

Dave Olson's Home Page
Dave Olson.New!

Don Kruse
Don Kruse.

Don Martin's Home Page
Don Martin.


Flying Fog
Chris A. Foreman.

Francisca Middleton
Francisca Middleton.

Richard Goebel.

Grace Rubenstein.

Guilt Free Scrumptious Recipes

Harry Sutcliffe
Harry Sutcliffe.

Illusions of Past & Future
John Hudy.

Jenn, Dave, Emma, Charlie, and Nora
The Castillo family.

Jon Alexandr, Atheist
Jon Alexandr.

Kenny King and Cathy Chute.

Kochhar Family Web Page
Kochhar Family.

The Leaky Boat
Robin Oliver.

Liza Lee Miller
Liza Lee Miller.

Marilyn Bagshaw Photography
Marilyn Bagshaw.

The Marcelo, Nora, Georgina and David Hirschler Home Page
Marcelo, Nora, Georgina and David Hirschler.

Maye Cavallaro
Jazz singer Maye Cavallaro.

Norell Winburn
Norell Winburn.

Rational Mystic Sanctuary
Jeffrey Compton.

Ramiro Salas
Ramiro Salas.
Wayne Elkin.

Richard Pomerance's (BFD) Home Page
Richard Pomerance.

The Robert Edward Leach Family Homepage
The Robert Edward Leach family.

Seth Hoffman
Seth Hoffman.
Ted Barnett.

Washed Ashore
Ben Discoe.

The Zegarac Family Web Site
The Zegarac Family.

Z's Alley
Zeno Gelatti.


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Painting "Summer on Mt. Tam", by an unknown artist
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