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Widow's Mite Experience is a ministry that was born in February of 2004 as a direct result of a corporate fast in which the congregation of a local church was led to pray and seek God's purpose for their lives. At the conclusion of the fast, God touched women's hearts and revealed that our purpose is to be His hands delivering the knowledge and love of His Son, Jesus Christ. Armed with that revelation, we began to search for a way to accomplish this task. Possibilities and ideas were discussed, and it was determined that our goal would be to impact women and their children on a worldwide basis. The thought of giving a cup of water in His name inspired the concept of providing not only life-giving water but spiritual water as well. After much due diligence on how this could be accomplished, we discovered that we could be instrumental in raising funds to dig wells. However, funds needed to be raised in such a manner that did not take tithes from churches or needed income for families. Using the example of the widow in the Bible who gave out of her poverty and gave her very best, women could be empowered by giving what they treasure instead of money and could experience the joy that comes from sacrificial giving. Thus, Widow's Mite Experience was formed. We challenged women to search their hearts for personal treasurers that they could give to further the Kingdom of God. Through that sacrificial giving, we established the Widow's Mite Experience Auction. These auctions are quite unique because we bring our very best as an offering to the Lord. We give our Lord treasures that are temporal in exchange for treasures that are eternal. We do this by selling these offerings at an exquisite auction and use 100% of the net proceeds to benefit WorldReach/Operation Blessing Living Water Projects providing fresh water wells and the Word of God to the nations. Year to date, Widow's Mite Experience, through God's guidance and favor, has sent auction proceeds to provide clean drinking water, water for irrigation and the Word of God to 227 villages in China, India and Africa. We feel so privileged that God has allowed us the incredible opportunity to have impacted so many lives with our Widow's Mite auction. Our vision is that one day there will not be a village anywhere on earth that does not have clean drinking water and an understanding of the love of Jesus and what He did on the cross for each and every one of us. Understanding what God is accomplishing through our auctions has taught us that our vision can become reality and that nothing is impossible with God. Why Do We Dig Wells? According to the World Health Organization, 80% of sickness and disease around the world is due to lack of safe drinking water. Diseases such as cholera, typhoid, roundworm, hepatitis and dysentery can be contracted by simply drinking water. Often the only water source in a village is a contaminated cesspool in the ground, replete with insects, trash and matter from humans and animals. Life cannot be sustained without water, and women have no choice but to draw water from the only sources available knowing that the diseases lurking there can, and do, kill their children. In parts of Africa, where the AIDS virus is epidemic and tribal mentality still prevails, men seek the "wisdom" of witch doctors to cure AIDS. These men are told that having sexual relations with a young virgin will cure them. In these tribal areas, it is women who are responsible for getting water and often have to walk miles to the nearest water source. They must take their small daughters with them. While walking, the girls are ambushed and raped. Now as difficult as this is to grasp, think about having no choice but to take your children on a dangerous daily journey knowing that your young daughters risk that kind of brutality. When we were confronted with these realities, we knew we had to do something. We had to bring hope. Hope by bringing life giving, clean water but also hope by bringing Living Water. Hope by bringing the precious Word of God to people who had never heard the Gospel. We had to share the hope of Jesus Christ and with a well we could share His tangible love as well. This concept is simple yet profound... giving hope and changing lives, drop by drop and cup by cup. Why Do We Partner With The Christian Broadcasting Network? When Widow's Mite Experience was founded, the first challenge we faced was to find a ministry involved in digging wells. A list of criteria was developed and each board member was asked to find a ministry that would meet those standards. Of all the ministries reviewed, the only one that not only met, but exceeded, our criteria was the Christian Broadcasting Network. It was important that we partnered with a ministry whose ethical and moral standards were evident in every aspect of their organization, CBN's reputation was beyond reproach. They had been digging wells around the world for many years, had all the necessary expertise and staffing, and their well digging program was by far the most cost effective. Most importantly, they allowed us the flexibility to determine how and where our money would be channeled. Our partnership now spans over five years, and CBN has lived up to every expectation. God blessed us indeed when He led us in their direction.

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