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Recognized around the world for its innovative thermal retention accomplishments, Vesture® Corporation has been manufacturing portable heating and cooling products to enhance the lives of its clients since 1986. Using its patented technology known as Microcore®, Vesture® has empowered a widespread array of products to store thermal energy much like a battery and release it when needed most to allow hot or cold food delivery, warm chilly joints and feet and even slow the "glistening effect" that happens on a hot summer day! Microcore® is packaged in a variety of materials and used in products like LavaBuns® "The Best Seat in the House" portable seat cushions, the Bait Locker™ iceless fishing freezer, Hot or Cold Catering Bags, microwaveable Hot and Cold Pacs, LavaPac® and Lava Pad microwavable heating pads, the new Pet Cloud dog / cat beds, LavaBooties® the ultimate feet warmers, the Tail-Gator™ and Casserole Crib picnic baskets that keep food oven- or freezer-fresh for hours! The engineering behind Microcore® has been the driving force of many other unique thermal innovations, such as, MicroIce™ (a re-usable, flexible ice alternative), the Stadium Bag 24 pizza carrier, the Pizza Pal™ carry-out wonder, Oven Tech™ a cordless hot plate, V-Touch, Powertech aka "the electric lava pac", the Mini Sports Sauna and the D/C Heat System , Induction and QuickHeat pizza delivery systems. Vesture® has invented and/or co-developed items for Corning's Pyrex Portables®, Chick-fil-A, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Donato's Pizza, just to name a few. Passionately continuing in its mission to be the leader in thermal breakthroughs, Vesture® presses into tomorrow in the fields of commercial food delivery, healthcare, sporting goods, housewares, ad-specialty (ASI), sports medicine, perishable goods, gel pack and many others. Vesture Corporation is located at 120 East Pritchard Street in the city of Asheboro, North Carolina. The company was founded in 1986 as a vision of two young men, Byron Owens & Gary Hyatt, who wanted to revolutionize the thermal retention industry. They accomplished this by brainstorming and perfecting an idea they called Microcore®. Since then, Microcore® technology has been packaged in products such as Lava Buns®, LavaBooties®, Kool ' N ' It™ beach blanket, LavaPac®, Catering Bags, Pizza Bags, PizzaPal™, Stadium Bag, Powertech®, Hot and Cold Pacs, Picnic baskets, Oven Tech™, Lava Buns®, the Induction System, the D/C Heat System™, V-Touch™ and the QuickHeat™ System. We here at Vesture® have a passion to serve--first and foremost--our Heavenly Father by remaining humble and allowing integrity to stand above compromise. We also aim to serve our customers by understanding their current and future needs as well as always striving to exceed their expectations.

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