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The Ventura Homeowners Association, Inc., is an incorporated, private homeowners association located within Bexar County, Texas. The Association exists because of deed restrictions placed on the titles to nearly 1132 single family homes in Ventura (excluding Unit 4). The Association has been in existence since 1985. The VHA is an open community (there are no perimeter walls or entry guards) but the community's common facilities are strictly for the private use of property owners, their tenants when authorized, and their guests. To ensure the Association's facilities are used only by those authorized to do so, photo membership cards which are validated annually are issued to residents. Currently validated photo membership cards must be shown when residents use Association facilities. The Association is govern by an elected Board of Directors of five (5) members. Board members serve terms of three (3) years and an election is held every October to fill vacancies, which become available. The Board holds public meetings on a monthly basis. The authority of the Board is derived from the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, the Association's corporate Articles of Incorporation, and Bylaws. In general, the Board decides the policies which direct the Association and establishes the annual budget. The operation and management of the Association is under the direction of the Community Association Manager who is responsible to the Board. Other employees of the Association are responsible to the Community Association Manager. The VHA is a nonprofit organization. The Association obtains most of its income through annual membership dues, which are mandatory and must be paid by each owner of property in the VHA. The Association's income must first cover costs of operating its facilities (including employee wage and benefits), the costs of maintaining and repairing the Association's assets, and the costs of new equipment and facilities which are desired.

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