Veltia UK


$2.4 Million




As an extension of the manufacture based in Spain, Veltia UK was established 3 years ago to support an already buoyant UK market. In simple terms the manufacturer wanted greater support for existing UK distribution and sales. The Veltia is now sold in 79 countries around the world including the UK which happened to import its first Veltia V1 in 2006. Fast forward 8 years and we are now modelling the V7-300 which incorporates a number of technologies only found in Veltia hand dryers, evolution has certainly played its part. Veltia UK currently distributes its hand dryer to over 30 UK partners incorporating 200 plus locations and outlets. Our partners cover every market sector from M&E to healthcare, manufacturing to blue chip. Our hand dryer is the only dryer to incorporate 300 jets of air strategically placed to dry both sides of your hands without the need to move them. The Veltia V Series dries your hands in a soft and gentle manner. Patented technology allows excess water from your hands to be directed and collected within the Veltia dryer itself and not on the floor, the washroom environment isn't spoilt by excessive noise, but instead the same noise level you'd find acceptable in any washroom. Your hands are safe while in use, Veltia hand dryers are afforded protection by their exclusive partner Microban. Impregnated into the drying area within the manufacturing stage, Microban will continue to protect your hands for as long as you use the dryer. All Veltia hand dryers come with a 5 year manufactures warranty; we even created Veltia Technical Services (VTS) to make sure that in the unlikely event you do have a problem, a member of the Veltia team will be there to assist you.

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