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VehiTech offers completely integrated vehicles to assure public safety, with characteristics centered on both ergonomics and the work carried out by police officers. The police options of VehiTech include post-sales police equipment which integrate perfectly to world renowned cars. VehiTech also offers a wide selection of optional police equipment, which adhere to the strenuous demands of the industry. As well, VehiTech allows you to save time and money by incorporating the equipment directly into the vehicle before delivery. Everything is delivered ready to go. What is VehiTech's experience? VehiTech is a well established supplier of technological solutions for vehicles. By using mainly Volvo police vehicles to gain its expertise, VehiTech gives you access to proficient technicians. These technicians have as their goal, giving total service on parts used during creation, production, maintenance, and ergonomic integration of police equipment supplied by VehiTech. How can I get more information on VehiTech's experience? VehiTech invites you to contact one of its regional sales directors. It would be their pleasure to give you a demonstration of our products and to help you evaluate user needs and costs between a VehiTech vehicle and your current vehicles. Contact our advisors for all the details. How did VehiTech come about? VehiTech opened its doors four years ago, thanks to a small sales staff hired to develop the market on a local level. In order to be able to deliver our product when orders came in, we decided to equip ourselves with more than adequate facilities, capable of assuring post-sales service which is essential in this sector. The facilities are big enough that we can keep in stock numerous parts. Our facilities also include a Research and Development area, where we can integrate new technology, and where we can also test new products to add to our line. what are the short and long term plans of VehiTech? VehiTech received considerable capital investments for its infrastructure and recruited highly qualified personnel to assure its growth in the police vehicles market. Even though most of our sales occurred in the area of our facilities, we are already expanding, and have proven ourselves capable of delivering quality products in the time allotted with excellent follow up. What is the business situation of VehiTech? VehiTech is lucky enough to have the assistance of a major shareholder, who actively supports this venture, be it with financing management or financing facilities, which assures direct management support. Norshield Financial Group is an international company which manages hundreds of millions of investment dollars for investor groups, companies, and individuals with high capital. This bank of investors sets aside a part of its capital for companies with high growth potential, like VehiTech.

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