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URGOnight is the world's first daytime Sleep Training Program based on neurofeedback technology to train your brain to produce the brainwaves clinically associated with sleep. Neurofeedback technology has been proven to help people fall asleep 40% faster (1) and reduce their nighttime interruptions by half (2)! Be the Yoda of your sleep! URGOnight is a Sleep Training Program that guides you through customized brain exercises, through a mobile application paired with an EEG-based headband. URGOnight provides real-time feedback of your brainwave activity through visual and audio cues. This feedback helps you learn how to increase the needed brainwaves that impact sleep and eventually achieve a good night's sleep.Read More



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UrgoNight is a wearable headband that wants to help you sleep better

Getting a good night’s sleep is a universal desire for the human race. At the Consumer Electronics Show today, UrgoNight showed off its non-invasive solution to train your brain to sleep better. It’s designed to teach your brain to sleep better using electroencephalogram (EEG) measurements and app-based brain exercises. UrgoNight requires you to wear the […]
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