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The Urban Farmer is a small, family-run business based in Edmonton, Alberta, operated as a sole proprietorship, and licensed through the City of Edmonton. Ron Berezan is the owner and operator of The Urban Farmer and is assisted by other colleagues as required in the operation of this business. Ron has been gardening organically in Alberta for over 20 years and has taken training in the "Grow Bio-intensive" organic gardening method at Ecology Action in Willits, California, and in Permaculture Design through the Kootenay Permaculture Institute and the Occidental Arts and Ecology Centre. Ron undertook an internship in the Community Supported Garden of Genesis Farm and he was a founder and the designer of the Richfield Community Garden in Millwoods. Ron recently completed the Master Gardener Program through the Devonian Botanic Garden of the University of Alberta. He is a member of the Society of Organic Urban Landcare Professionals. Ron has taught many workshops and classes on organic gardening in the Edmonton area over the past five years. He has been featured in articles in The Edmonton Journal, The Edmonton Examiner, Vue Weekly, The Alberta Gardener magazine, and has been a regular gardening commentator on CBC radio. Ron also brings over 15 years of experience in the non-profit sector, focusing primarily on community development and sustainability, to his vision for The Urban Farmer. The Urban Farmer logo incorporates the well-known "3 sisters" plant guild of corn, squash and beans. Grown together for hundreds of years in Central America, these three plants form the perfect working partnership: corn provides a structure for the beans to climb on, beans fix nitrogen in the soil fertilizing the corn, and squash sprawls over the ground acting as a natural mulch to conserve moisture and inhibit weeds.

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