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The Travel Doctor is a full time travel clinic located in Grandville, Michigan. By "full time", we mean that taking care of international travelers is all that we do here, and we do it all day, six days a week. In fact, as our clients are scattered through many time zones, we are accessible by telephone and e-mail twenty four hours a day, every day. Most people, when they think of travel health, immediately think of shots. And we do give shots. We keep in stock all the vaccines you might need and we give them when you need them, not just on certain days or at certain times. But although over ninety percent of the health and safety risks travelers actually suffer are preventable, only four percent of them are preventable with shots. When we consult with you regarding your travel plans, we address the other ninety six percent as well. Many infectious diseases, for instance, are preventable but not by shots. These include malaria, dengue fever and other diseases spread by mosquitoes, ticks and other insects. Other illnesses such as altitude sickness and the bends, traveler's diarrhea, sunburn and sunstroke, frostbite and blood clots are all preventable if you know what to do. Most accidents can be avoided with proper preparation and even heart attacks can often be prevented with some simple travel precautions. Often we are consulted because travelers have special health needs. People traveling with small children, pregnant travelers, those with chronic illness and travelers with disabilities often choose to travel these days. In former times they would have had to stay home, but now we can do a lot to make their trips safe, comfortable and enjoyable. Business travelers, students studying abroad, expatriates, missionaries and even everyday vacationers-all have particular needs and we address them all. We are especially trained and equipped to handle these issues. Dr. Carroll is the first physician in Michigan to be certified in the new specialty of Travel Medicine and Joyce, our nurse, the first Certified Travel Nurse Practitioner in the state. They bring with them many years of overseas medical experience as well as over five years of travel medicine practice. In addition, our clinic is equipped with numerous computer programs that provide us with the most up to date information in prevention and treatment of travel related illnesses as well as crime and security information, environmental data and cultural tips.

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