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Who is The Pinnacle

Click here to download the Affiniti Cloud Overview! Pinnacle knows convenience retail, its what we do. Whether you are looking for a completely integrated solution, or want to leverage your existing platforms with new technologies, we can help. Our open design concepts and partner platforms were intentionally built to give you choice in how you run your business. Learn More from our mention in the CSD 2020 Leaders in Convenience issue! A true-cloud POS solution, Affiniti Cloud POS is one member of a suite of POS applications that share a microservices architecture. Pinnacles Affiniti Cloud Solutions are applications built on a secure and stable cloud platform, architected to use web services and reusable components, HTML 5 Web apps and responsive design. Within the Affiniti Cloud Solution Suite, you will find corporate level management tools and store level applications to help you as a retailer manage and operate your business, whether you are a single store operator or a multi-store chain. A complete suite of consumer focused tools to make average customers good and good customers better. Not just an after-the-fact discount program, Pinnacles Loyalty suite has a combination of features that will appeal to the majority of your customers, taking your marketing to a new level. Pinnacles Point of Sale (POS) is not just a cash register, it is a complete suite of point of sale centric solutions that enables more point of purchase and consumer facing benefits than any other point of sale on the market. Pinnacles POS includes an array of hardware options and payment networks support. Remote management tools enable fast, remote configuration changes from a web browser that provides instant access to sales, operations, and loss prevention data for home office and remote users.Read More



201 E Abram St, Arlington, Texas, 76010, United States
Phone Number

Phone Number:

(800) 366-1173


$9 Million
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SIC Code 87,874
NAICS Code 54,541
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Pinnacle Corp

The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle Corp

The Pinnacle Corporation Inc

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The Pinnacle's Org Chart

Satyajit Nigade
Satyajit Nigade

Chief Operating Officer



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The Pinnacle's Tech Stack

Bentley ProjectWise











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The Pinnacle News & Media

Pinnacle Releases Global Economics of Reliability Report for the Mining Industry

Report estimates global metal and fertilizer miners spend nearly 10% more on reliability than global petroleum refiners

Pinnacle and Cognite Form Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Data-Driven Reliability for Industrial Facilities

PASADENA, Texas, July 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pinnacle, the world’s largest reliability analytics company, and Cognite, a global leader in industrial software innovation, have strategically partnered to accelerate and scale the deployment of the world’s first live reliability digital twin.

Pinnacle Celebrates 15 Years of Making the World Reliable

PASADENA, Texas, June 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pinnacle, the largest reliability analytics company in the world, celebrated its 15th anniversary as a company. Founded in 2006 by Ryan and Jennifer Sitton, Pinnacle started with a mission to change the world by helping heavy processing facilities such as refineries, chemical plants, and water treatment plants operate safer and more reliably.
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding The Pinnacle

Where are The Pinnacle’s headquarters?

The Pinnacle’s headquarters are in 201 E Abram St, Arlington, Texas, 76010, United States

What is The Pinnacle’s phone number?

The Pinnacle’s phone number is (800) 366-1173

What is The Pinnacle’s official website?

The Pinnacle’s official website is

What is The Pinnacle’s Revenue?

The Pinnacle’s revenue is $9 Million

What is The Pinnacle’s SIC code?

The Pinnacle’s SIC: 87,874

What is The Pinnacle’s NAICS code?

The Pinnacle’s NAICS: 54,541

How many employees are working in The Pinnacle?

The Pinnacle has 46 employees

Who are The Pinnacle’s main competitors?

The Pinnacle's main competitors are: Easy Energy Systems Inc,, Gemini CAD Systems – a Lectra ..., Kawasaki Robotics (USA) Inc

What is The Pinnacle's tech stack?

The technologies that are used by The Pinnacle are: Bentley ProjectWise, PostgreSQL, Episys, MicroStrategy

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