The International Society for Simulation Surgery



TheInternational Society for Simulation Surgery (ISSiS) was officially formed with the inaugural meeting of the society in Tokyo, Japan, December 9th to 11th, 1992. Further details of the meeting can be seen in the Historical Perspective section of the ISSiS website. The meeting was held under the main theme of " New horizons for computers and surgeons ", thus encouraging the major concept behind the founding of the society, whereby both computer science and technical surgical skills should work in combination to achieve the best possible result for the patient. The subsequent drift away from the latter aspect, the simulative skills of the plastic surgeon, in favour of the technological side of computer science was not in focus with the main aim of the society as envisaged by the founding President, Toyomi Fujino MD FACS, a Professor Emeritus of KeioUniversity in Tokyo, Japan. For more discussion and background on this, please see HERE. Computer technology is a good servant, but a bad master. Thus the ISSiS is reborn in its original image, whereby the simulative skills of the surgeon can be enhanced by computer technology: without the former, however, the latter has little meaning in the clinical setting. Computer technology will certainly help a surgeon to simulate tissue better, and possibly turn a good surgeon into a better one, but it will not help a bad surgeon become a good one.

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