The Chakra Sound System


The CSS is a music-based meditation system, designed to open the pathways to your highest self. The practices presented in the CSS use the transformative power of music and meditation to awaken and release the hidden potential within each of the seven chakras-your subtle body energy centers-guiding you toward the joy of being right here, right now. In keeping with the age-old tradition of using music and sound for spiritual growth, wisdom, and self-awareness, The Chakra Sound System is the musical expression of unity and wholeness. As your body, mind, and spirit resonate and respond to the music and the spoken meditations, the portals to the higher self swing open. Stepping through these portals you will find amazing gifts: the opportunity to celebrate being in your body, embracing your incarnation completely; and the possibility of integration, becoming the essence of you. The programs in the CSS will help you: • Focus the creative potential within your consciousness • Help you come into your body and celebrate your incarnation • Integrate all the aspects of your consciousness into a unified whole • Support your breath work • Awaken each chakra's essence • Provide a safe, sound environment for you to experience profound states of transformation • Improve your ability to make positive, enlightened choices Through the consistent practice of using the CSS to musically awaken your chakra energy system, you will find yourself becoming more confident, secure in your ability to make choices, filled with purpose, and profoundly comfortable with who you are. And because it uses the sacred power of music, the practice of the CSS is simple and easy. You'll likely find it so pleasing and rewarding, that you will want to use it every day. I hope you gain as much joy and purpose from experiencing the CSS as I have in bringing it to you.

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