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The Barn People are a small group of Vermont craftsman who have taken their many years as experienced carpenters and designers and applied them to the restoration of old barns. We have a crew out in the field that specializes in the dismantling phase. These guys love working out in a Vermont pasture scrambling around on some barn roof discovering forgotten secrets, looking for clues of origin and construction. Because the frame is modular and held together with wooden pegs, the timbers are not destroyed during dismantling. The wooden pegs are simply removed from the mortise and tenon joinery after the exterior skin has been taken off and the frame can then be taken apart piece by piece. We have another crew that works at our shop restoring the dismantled frames. These guys prefer the woodworking aspect of their trade. Their work reflects the meticulous care and craftsmanship that the properly restored barn frame demands. When it's time for the reassembly of the restored barn frame, the field crew and the shop crew combine forces and travel to distant sites across the country providing knowledge and continuity of the original frame. It is a very gratifying experience to stand back and view the reassembled frame, sometimes thousands of miles away! We all love the astonishment and praise our work invariably inspires. We are a small company that specializes in the professional relocation of vintage restored barn frames. We have relocated hundreds of barn frames since 1975 that have been used and adapted to a variety of projects including swimming pool barns, restaurants, visitor and welcome centers, primary and secondary residences, artist studios, caretaker's houses, garages and workshops, great rooms and numerous additions all over the America. And of course...barns... just to be barns. Our projects have been featured in dozens of newspapers such as The Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times and on numerous occasions, The New York Times. We appeared in June 2003 in Architectural Digest for a five barn residence in Sun Valley, Idaho. We were also chosen as "House of the Year" in the February / 1995 issue of Country Living Magazine. Our projects have also been featured in Country Living Magazine in April of 1997 and again in December of 2004. Some other publications that have featured our projects are:

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