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StratPost is the only website in the region that does original, credible and in-depth news reporting, analysis and special reports of the defense, security and strategic affairs domain. StratPost also gets syndicated to Dow JonesFactiva, something no other Indian defense news platform can claim. By virtue of this, StratPost's content is also available on The Wall Street Journal (Professional Edition) and Lexis Nexis. This content also speaks for itself when it comes to determining how closely decision-makers and opinion-makers in this domain would be following this small, domain specific website. For instance Sam Roggeveen of Australia's Lowy Institute for International Policy has called it 'impressive looking', while Stephen Trimble, Flight Global/Flight International's Americas Managing Editor, and former Jane's Defence Weekly Americas Bureau Chief, calls it 'the very reliable StratPost'. A single story done by StratPost was linked to, quoted from and talked about by a list of mainstream media websites that includes The New York Times, Huffington Post, The Times, Haaretz, Jerusalem Post, Foreign Policy and Wired. StratPost has also been republished by the journal of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism in Israel in Israel. StratPost has been recognized by respected news media, like Bloomberg, of and the Economic Times for breaking the story about the MMRCA (IAF's tender for Medium Multi Role Combat Aircraft) shortlist in the last week of April, 2011.

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