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Who is Skratch

Built from Skratch is a movement & business which aims to introduce to you the exciting world of pop media and the entertainment industry through Hip-Hop Culture & Talent. Our main aim is to assist people, of all ages and race, with talent to excel in their fieldof passion & talent using it to advance both in their career path & education path. Similarly, we would provide the tools and resources to those who universally find the Digital DJing (Disc-Jockeying) and Hip-hop Culture as their medium of choice amongst musical instruments and craft to excel their talent & life in. At the same time, we hope to dispel the common myth to Singaporeans that talent & passion is a waste of time in an economical-driven country. Built from Skratch aims to open individuals' mind, to improve as well as diversify their skills and knowledge that with effort and also some business know-how, they can excel in various genre in the professional industry beyond from just their talent & passion. From nothing to something to Everything, work with us as we build from skratch with you because nobody starts from the top but rather we work our way to the top.Read More







<$5 Million
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Skratch's Tech Stack




Gmail for business



Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)


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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Skratch

Where are Skratch’s headquarters?

Skratch’s headquarters are in Malaysia

What is Skratch’s official website?

Skratch’s official website is

What is Skratch’s Revenue?

Skratch’s revenue is <$5 Million

How many employees are working in Skratch?

Skratch has <25 employees

What is Skratch’s industry?

Skratch is in the industry of: Cultural General, Cultural

What is Skratch's tech stack?

The technologies that are used by Skratch are: SoftLayer, Gmail for business, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

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