We focus on long-term results - not just overnight hits. Although the latter is great, they often cannot carry your business years later. That's why we pooled our resources and best talents together to design tactics that are meant to improve your present standing; while at the same time, keep you on top even after your online marketing project with us. 7. How will I be kept updated about my site's progress? We send monthly reports that detail progress in the three SEO core elements: links, social media, and content. For inquiries, suggestions, and other concerns, I am available via email or chat (Skype and Viber). I make it a point to answer as quickly as I receive your messages. We're known for the excellent attention we give to each of our clients - so if you have special requests, don't hesitate to give me a call! 8. What do you use to measure the success of SEO campaigns? We mostly use Google Webmaster (for on-site optimization) and Analytics (for web traffic, social media, etc.). However, we also utilize other tools like Ahrefs Backlink Explorer to check and compare links. We don't rely on just one tool because we want to have an in-depth look at your website's progress. 9. Do you also check for conversion? Yes! Today's SEO is more than ranking (although that's still important). I understand that at the end of the day, you want to see how our methods could improve your revenue. So together with my teams, we crafted strategies that will not only increase visibility on search engines; but also encourage users to complete an action based on your business goals. I have talented, experienced people in my content and social media teams, ready to generate content that converts. 10. What happens if we encounter a problem in the middle of the campaign? In my years as an SEO consultant, that cannot be avoided - but what makes our services different is we always find ways. We don't run away and we won't abandon you. As we have the ability to anticipate problems in the first place, trust us to have backup plans to make things run smoothly amidst a crisis.

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