Rockhouse Motion


At Rockhouse, we build brands. Every company is different, and every project is different, but we believe they all have one thing in common: we can help better your brand. Whether that is as a director of photography on a busy film set, alone on a mountain top shooting a sunrise, or in your board room helping your team come up with the next winning concept, the Rockhouse team strives to find a way to move the needle in beautiful, creative, and successful ways. While this may all be well and good, you are probably hoping for some more details as far as what it is we can do. In no particular order, here is a list of some of the more noteworthy of those things: FULL-LOGO-3-COLOR-RED We are directors & directors of photography We make films We make photography We do it with the best equipment available We can even make films in 4K We shoot, edit, and design print advertising We are SCUBA Certified for underwater Photography & Cinematography We are Phantom Tech Certified We are Motion Graphics, Compositing, and 3D Animation wizards We are editors We are colorists We have fun We win stuff, and sometimes get interviewed about it Essentially, we do it all. We can take a business problem, and create a multimedia solution. Start to finish, top to bottom. From idea, to story, to camera, to edit, to graphics, to music, to colour, and finally to your client's screens.

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