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A: The mission of ReBuild is threefold. First, it helps divert thousands of tons of perfectly good building materials and equipment from the region's commercial and demolition debris landfills, re-circulating it back into the community at an affordable price to property owners that use it to maintain or renovate their properties. This helps prevent the deterioration of neighborhoods and helps in their revitalization if they have be neglected. By enhancing the value of the property, this process also serves a wealth-building function both from the owner's standpoint (who can refinance the property or sell it at a higher price) as well as from the community's perspective when the additional property tax revenues it generates is factored in. Second, the proceeds ReBuild earns from its sales are available to train hard-to-place workers in "green collar" jobs. Trainees include nonviolent ex-offenders, temporarily homeless, troubled young adults, and persons successfully achieving drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation. For them, this means permanent living wage jobs in fields, such as deconstruction, home weatherization, asbestos removal, and hardwood floor installation, that can support a family over a long period of time, because they are the kinds of services that will be needed to preserve and restore the planet far into the distant future. And, third, proceeds are used to fulfill ReBuild's mission of educating the community on affordable ways to live greener through our workshops and community outreach efforts. Q: How does ReBuild contribute to a sustainable environment? A:ReBuild provides environmental sustainability benefits from a number of different perspectives. These include: (1) saving the natural resources and energy required to manufacture a new item; (2) reducing the energy, air pollution, and toxic wastes used in the processing, manufacture, transport, distribution, and sales of an item; (3) saving increasingly scarce construction and debris landfills in or near the DC metropolitan area; (4) making quality used building materials available at an affordable price to individuals and nonprofit organizations maintaining and revitalizing their communities; (5) earning valuable tax benefits for contractors, homeowners, and property managers replacing perfectly workable items when remodeling; (6) providing lifetime career training for under- or unemployed low skill workers in long-lasting jobs benefitting the environment; and (7) providing a constructive vehicle for enabling citizens to volunteer and give back to their community. In addition, by supporting locally-based small businesses, ReBuild is building the local economy by helping keep more of the community's money in the community benefiting local residents. Q: Since everything is donated to ReBuild, where does the money go? A:ReBuild's inventory and the other non-profits to which it distributes donated material is priced at 50% to 90% off the prices you would normally find for similar items in regular retail outlets. Prices are based on the condition of the materials. Funds received from monitary donations and the sale of donated items pay for our operating expenses and supports ReBuild's community enhancement work described above. Q: What kind of community environmental sustainability workshops does ReBuild offer? A: ReBuild serves as a community educational facility for environmental sustainability. Subjects range from the built environment to gardening and the natural environment -- in short, anything to do with sustainability. Workshops presenters are unpaid volunteers, nonprofit organization representatives, and small business owners offering environmental products and services. A sample of topics includes refinishing and repurposing kitchen cabinets, the basics of home weatherization, cold frame and raised bed gardening, attracting pollinators to your yard, passive house construction and renovation, and solar and geothermal heating system installation. Q: How does ReBuild benefit the local economy? A: ReBuild serves as a facilitator for Northern Virginians interested in recycling and reuse, as well as those wanting to take practical steps to live more sustainably. It provides an alternative to the landfill or incinerator for recycling perfectly good home building materials with many years of useful life remaining. By helping close the recycling loop, providing materials that facilitate renovation and repair, helping reduce pollution and removing toxic/harmful chemicals from the environment, employing otherwise hard-to-place workers, providing a living wage for our employees, helping property owners earn tax benefits that allow them to retain more of their earned income, paying local and state taxes, and helping small businesses remain viable, ReBuild contributes daily to the community's economic and social vitality.

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