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We offer businesses who wish to support the wider work of Pais consultation, on-site seminars and workshops in our areas of expertise. Specific topics can be requested but we have provided these services in areas such as 'Motivating Millennials', 'Collaboration', 'Stress and Creativity' and various other topics. Our style is both fun and interactive and we draw on twenty years of creative outlines that have been tried and tested in colleges, schools and community projects throughout the world. Our expertise has been in the area of motivating adults to serve better, to work better together and connect with a purpose for their work. The area of Faith Integration is very important to us on Pais. Our purpose is to partner with churches in order to train the Saints to share their faith in their workplace in an appropriate manner through both words and manner. We believe that all of those who know Christ should aim to be a benefit to their employers, to have a high level of ethics and to be good role models. We offer character training specifically relating to the workplace. This is mainly distributed through our 'Kingdom Principles at Work' series. We also promote and train the Saints in 'Pais HD'. This is a new and innovative method of equipping people to facilitate faith studies with their work colleagues. Pais HD can be done in the work place at lunch time or off-site either immediately before or after work. The Pais Venture will in the future be offering an apprenticeship to those wishing to train in Business in order to be part of or create a Kingdom-Centric Business. We are currently looking for partnerships where we can place those apprentices.

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