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We were pleased to supply 3 racks of Microphone Splitters to Stage Electrics at the end of November for use on a touring production of the Boy George musical "Taboo" - currently showing around the UK. Also supplied by the Custom products division were 2 X 2U rack cases each containing 6 X balanced line level distribution amplifiers with 1 input to 8 outputs - a total of 96 feeds to be used for the Musicians foldback. During last summer we supplied a small number of special wedge shaped DI Boxes with a footswitch to enable the output to be muted. There was also an output to feed a tuner - with an LED to indicate the status. They were named "mutant" DI Boxes by the happy Customer! They caused enough interest to possibly become a standard product - please let us know if you might be interested in one. We have been an authorised repair centre for Allen & Heath products now for a number of months - this has brought in many new Customers from near and far. This again makes the point (to us) how rare competent and affordable repair facilities are becoming these days. It is also well worth pointing out that the support given to us by the factory (spares and circuit diagrams) has been excellent - bear this in mind when choosing a new mixing desk. Sometimes a cheaper product may not turn out to be such a bargain, if spares and support are not easily available - a mixing desk out of use for even a few days can be a major problem. Custom cables are always in demand - sufficient cable and connectors are kept in stock to enable fast turnaround (often same day) - for normal types. Remember that we can make up any lengths - and can work in Imperial as well as Metric measurements! Neutrik connectors are almost always used as these have proven to be supremely reliable - and are not expensive. Most Customers require black cable - but occasionally we have produced coloured cables - these are no more expensive - and can be useful for positive identification purposes - totally unique! Please note that we are always happy to post items to you - only charging carriage at the cost to us - and have recently sent cables to California (almost coals to Newcastle....!). The Paypal system enabling payment by card has been used for several months now - this is a simple, secure and relatively inexpensive (for us) means of receiving payment. For Customers outside the UK payment can be made in Pounds, Euros or US Dollars. The system will improve shortly as a Europe based version is to be opened - conforming to UK banking laws, allowing even greater user confidence. We make no additional charge for using this method for payment. After a hard day listening to a 1kHz sine wave and staring at the bright green trace on an oscilloscope - there is nothing better than to listen to some good music - we are very pleased to report National acclaim for some of our Musician Customers. Firstly Jas Morris, who plays lead guitar with the Morris Bros Band is the winner of the "Guitarist Of The Year 2003" competition. The MBB play Wishbone Ash and Gary Moore tunes as well as original material - with the always fantastic dual lead guitar stuff - boy this looks good as well as sounding fantastic!

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