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Omni Medical Billing Services, Inc. offers advantages not commonly found in the billing industry. Learn more about how we stand out from the competition. Fair, simple, and competitive fee structure - Our fee structure is based on a simple percentage of the amount we collect for your practice. Nothing is outsourced to another business or overseas - Omni Medical Billing Service Inc is based in Washington State. All work is performed by U.S based medical billing professionals that have graduated from a certified billing program. We pride ourselves in providing the best service in Seattle, WA and the surrounding Puget Sound area. We do not ask the practices we work with to enter into a binding contract - Many medical billing companies require the practices they perform billing services for to enter into long term contracts. We believe if a practice needs to change their medical billing service provider for any reason they should be free to do so. Our clients are not required to enter into a binding contract. We utilize a service agreement stating that both parties will adhere to the requirements of HIPPA. Omni Medical Billing Service leverages the latest technologies and best industry practices to maximize efficiency and expedite the billing cycle - Our web based billing platform automatically audits every claim for data entry errors and oversights that can cause payments to be denied or delayed. This process allows us to reduce human errors and expedite the billing cycle. Using technology to automate the billing process also reduces the amount of time the health care provider's staff has to spend manually entering data or filling out redundant insurance forms. Allow your staff to focus on their core business - By outsourcing your medical billing needs to a professional firm you will be alleviating your staff from performing this time consuming task. This will allow them to focus on the primary tasks they were hired to do and lead to a more efficient and effective health care office environment. Eliminate overhead cost associated with medical billing - Allowing Omni Medical Billing Service to provide your practice with billing services would eliminate the overhead cost of medical billing software, employee training, , the need to maintain contracts with insurance clearing houses, computer hardware, and the wages and benefits associated with having your employees perform. Keep the process in place that are working for your practice - Our process starts by working with each provider to determine what elements of their current billing program should remain in place and what elements could be improved upon. Each provider will have individual preferences to consider and incorporate into a new billing program. Some providers will prefer to use their existing software platforms and data transmission procedures, others may want assistance converting to newer technologies that reduce manual data entry and improve the billing cycle. Omni Medical Billing Service will work with you individually to develop a program that suites the needs and preferences of your practice. Contact Omni Medical Billing Services, Inc today by filling out our contact form or by calling our Seattle, WA based office at 206-201-3314.

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