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Building Materials · North Carolina, United States · 25,000 Employees

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Who is Nucor Steel Gallatin

Founded in 1940, Nucor is a producer of steel and steel products including raw materials, pipes and tubes, plates, sheets, bars, wires, fasteners, and more. They are headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.Read More



1915 Rexford Road, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28211, United States
Phone Number

Phone Number:

(704) 366-7000


$105 Million
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SIC Code 34,33
NAICS Code 33,332919
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Gallatin Steel

Nucor Steel Gallatin

Gallatin Steel Company

Gallatin Steel Co.

Nucor Steel Gallatin's Org Chart

Rex Query
Rex Query

Executive VP, Sheet & Tubular Produ...

Daniel Needham
Daniel Needham

Executive VP, Bar & Rebar Fabricati...



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Employee Growth Rate

'21 - Q1


'21 - Q2


Acquisitions & Subsidiaries

Dec 11, 2012


Mar 27, 2012

M&S Steel

Nov 21, 2009

Elite Storage Solutions


Hannibal Industries

Base Manufacturing

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Nucor Steel Gallatin's Tech Stack

Windows 7



Microsoft Access



Progress Telerik Platform


Progress Telerik

AWS Web Hosting

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Nucor Steel Gallatin

Where are Nucor Steel Gallatin’s headquarters?

Nucor Steel Gallatin’s headquarters are in 1915 Rexford Road, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28211, United States

What is Nucor Steel Gallatin’s phone number?

Nucor Steel Gallatin’s phone number is (704) 366-7000

What is Nucor Steel Gallatin’s official website?

Nucor Steel Gallatin’s official website is

What is Nucor Steel Gallatin’s Revenue?

Nucor Steel Gallatin’s revenue is $105 Million

What is Nucor Steel Gallatin’s SIC code?

Nucor Steel Gallatin’s SIC: 34,33

What is Nucor Steel Gallatin’s NAICS code?

Nucor Steel Gallatin’s NAICS: 33,332919

How many employees are working in Nucor Steel Gallatin?

Nucor Steel Gallatin has 25,000 employees

What is Nucor Steel Gallatin’s industry?

Nucor Steel Gallatin is in the industry of: Building Materials, Manufacturing

Who are Nucor Steel Gallatin’s main competitors?

Nucor Steel Gallatin's main competitors are: Dofasco Inc., IPSCO Inc, Minex Metallurgical Co., Corus Group plc

What companies has Nucor Steel Gallatin acquired?

Nucor Steel Gallatin has acquired the companies: Jannock, M&S Steel, Elite Storage Solutions, MAGNATRAX

What is Nucor Steel Gallatin's tech stack?

The technologies that are used by Nucor Steel Gallatin are: Windows 7, Microsoft Access, Progress Telerik Platform, AWS Web Hosting

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