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The Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission (NKAPC) has been in existence since 1961, created under Kentucky Revised Statutes 147.610 - 147.705. Currently, there are seven members on the NKAP Commission. These members are elected for two year staggered terms by the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Council, which is comprised of one elected representative from each city in Kenton County (21 cities) and one from the Kenton County Fiscal court. The Northern Kentucky Area Planning Council acts in a supervisory and advisory capacity with the NKAPC. The Commission must submit a proposed budget and a proposed tax rate to the Council for its approval on or before the first day of each fiscal year (July-June) and the Council must contract with an independent, reputable certified public accountant to audit the records, books, and accounts of the Commission for each fiscal year. A basic function of the NKAPC is to prepare, and assist in the implementation of, a comprehensive plan for all incorporated and unincorporated areas of Kenton County. This plan is an attempt to set out recommended directions for growth and development for Kenton County over the next twenty years. This comprehensive plan is jointly reviewed by both the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission and the Kenton County Planning Commission and is acted upon (adopted), after public meetings and an official public hearing, by the KCPC in behalf of all 21 cities and the county fiscal court. The KCPC is then required by statute to perform review, recommendation, and decision making requirements relative to submittals that come before them. The NKAPC and the KCPC jointly review and update this comprehensive plan at least once every five years to assure its currency. The NKAPC staff serves, by contract, as the KCPC professional staff. As well, the NKAPC staff is required, by statute, to review and make recommendations on all applications for the adoption, revision, or amendment of the comprehensive plan, all local zoning ordinances and the subdivision regulations adopted by the KCPC. State statutes also require that no public agency shall construct or authorize construction of any public facility, which is determined by the NKAPC to be of Areawide significance, until and unless the proposed location and extent has been reviewed and recommended upon by the NKAPC. The NKAPC maintains a staff of: certified urban/regional planners; professional engineers/land surveyors; certified building officials; zoning administrators; and GIS/IT (Geographic Information Systems/Information Technology) professionals; student interns; and necessary support staff. The NKAPC also serves as the managing partner of LINK-GIS - a partnership which, in addition to the NKAPC, includes: Kenton County Fiscal Court; Kenton County Property Valuation Administrator; Sanitation District No. 1; and the Northern Kentucky Water District . LINK-GIS is a Geographic Information System - a computerized merging of graphic and related non-graphic/attribute information. All types of land based information (very accurate - GPS controlled - base mapping, information on: soils characteristics; flood related areas; land use; property records; geologic characteristics; water, sanitary water systems; school and park systems; transit systems; voting precinct boundaries; city/county/special district boundaries; etc.) is stored in the system. Potential uses of this information are virtually unlimited including serving as a resource and analytical tool for: infrastructure management; land records system management; permit tracking and development monitoring; economic development planning; land and transportation planning; etc.). The information in LINK-GIS is being constantly updated and made accessible to the public and private sectors. The NKAPC also provides contractual services for building/zoning administration assistance, engineering review, comprehensive plan updates, and other planning related studies and functions. The Commission contracts to perform such services with local governments in Kenton and Campbell counties.

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