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Fitness & Dance Facilities · Arizona, United States · 498 Employees

Founded in 1991, Mountainside Fitness is a locally owned health club chain offering gym memberships to families and people in their community. Mountainside Fitness is located in Arizona.Read More

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Who is Mountainside Fitness

Mountainside Fitness Headquarters


7135 E Camelback Rd Ste 235, Tempe, Arizona, 85281, United States
Phone Number

Phone Number

(480) 706-8963
Mountainside Fitness Revenue




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Mountainside Fitness Org Chart

View Mountainside Fitness org chart to access information on key employees and get valuable insights about Mountainside Fitness organizational structure. The organizational chart highlights the reporting lines within the company, starting with Craig Cote - the Chief Executive Officer of Mountainside Fitness, and followed by additional decision makers: Mario Arce, President & Chief Operating Officer, and Jackie Wallace, Chief Financial Officer.
Craig Cote
Craig Cote

Chief Executive Officer

Mario Arce
Mario Arce

President & Chief Operating ...

Jackie Wallace
Jackie Wallace

Chief Financial Officer


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Mountainside Fitness Company Metrics

Company Insights
Company Insights
Employee Growth Rate
Employee Growth Rate
Mountainside Fitness Funding
Funding DateFeb 11, 2014
InvestorsPNC Mezzanine Capital
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Number of Funding Rounds

Mountainside Fitness Acquisitions & Subsidiaries
Acquisitions & Subsidiaries

Jun 02, 2013

Core Concepts

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Mountainside Fitness News & Media

  • news feed 3

    Mountainside Fitness will re-open Thursday despite AZDHS denial

    In an effort to ensure the validity of the “application” process to which AZDHS has subjected all gym applicants, Mountainside Fitness submitted an application and enlisted the services of the independent certification company HealthyVerify. This third-party certification is supported by medical professionals in order to verify a company’s ability to re-open safely. “We are aware that the AZDHS’ standards of approval were subjective, and essentially unknown to the fitness applicants, which is wh
  • news feed 4

    Mountainside Fitness will re-open all locations Monday

    After a challenging few months Mountainside Fitness will welcome guests back and re-open on Monday, May 18th. All 18 fitness centers will re-open for normal business hours with enhanced safety procedures and protocols to ensure guests health and safety. The new changes and guidelines implemented include the following: All staff have been trained in COVID-19 prevention. Sanitizing stations will be available throughout the club including the front desk. Staff will continuously disinfect frequ
  • news feed 5

    Mountainside Fitness will open 3 new locations in 2020

    Valley and Arizona based Mountainside Fitness was founded on one simple idea: to be the friendliest fitness center in town. Arizona’s largest locally owned fitness center is expanding and opening four new locations in Paradise Valley, Avondale, Eastmark in Mesa and Estrella Mountain (Goodyear). All are set to be ready for business in 2020, except Estrella Mountain which will open in 2021. More grand opening details will be announced shortly. To get updates and grand opening specials!
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Mountainside Fitness

Where is Mountainside Fitness located?
Mountainside Fitness's headquarters are located at 7135 E Camelback Rd Ste 235, Tempe, Arizona, 85281, United States
What is Mountainside Fitness's phone number?
Mountainside Fitness's phone number is (480) 706-8963
What is Mountainside Fitness's official website?
Mountainside Fitness's official website is www.mountainsidefitness.com
What is Mountainside Fitness's Revenue?
Mountainside Fitness's revenue is $250.4 Million
What is Mountainside Fitness's SIC code?
Mountainside Fitness's SIC: 79,799
What is Mountainside Fitness's NAICS code?
Mountainside Fitness's NAICS: 71,713
How many employees does Mountainside Fitness have?
Mountainside Fitness has 498 employees
What industry does Mountainside Fitness belong to?
Mountainside Fitness is in the industry of: Fitness & Dance Facilities, Recreation, Hospitality
What is Mountainside Fitness competition?
Mountainside Fitness top competitors include: California Family Fitness, In-Shape Health Clubs LLC, O2 Fitness, Healthworks Fitness
What companies has Mountainside Fitness acquired?
Mountainside Fitness has acquired the companies: Core Concepts
Who is the CEO of Mountainside Fitness?
Mountainside Fitness's CEO is Tom Hatten
Who is the CFO of Mountainside Fitness?
Mountainside Fitness's CFO is Jackie Wallace
How do I contact Mountainside Fitness?
Mountainside Fitness contact info: Phone number: (480) 706-8963 Website: www.mountainsidefitness.com
What does Mountainside Fitness do?

Founded in 1991, Mountainside Fitness is a locally owned health club chain offering gym memberships to families and people in their community. Mountainside Fitness is located in Arizona.... Read More

What are Mountainside Fitness social media links?
Mountainside Fitness Linkedin page Mountainside Fitness Facebook page Mountainside Fitness Twitter page
How much funding has Mountainside Fitness raised to date?
Mountainside Fitness has raised $40 Million in 1 funding round
When was the last funding round for Mountainside Fitness?
Mountainside Fitness closed its last funding round on Feb 11, 2014 with the amount of $40 Million
Is Mountainside Fitness a public company?
Mountainside Fitness is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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