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Mintaka Technology Group is committed to developing web services that increase developmental intelligence to organizations available not only for collaboration and surveillance but also for tracking performance, increasing programmer accountability and boosting the productivity of the software production process. Mintaka's founding philosophy is to deliver services that: Provide potent management and collaboration tools Increase vigilance and accountability of programmer activities Extend robust and flexible security solutions across the extended enterprise Create critical, real time developmental intelligence Increase transparency of projects without negatively impacting productivity Act as a powerful deterrent against malicious coding activities Increase confidence in the decision to outsource development work Reduce organizations' operational risk by policing the extended enterprise in real time Provide a customer-centric focus to continually improve its web services solutions Offer experienced consulting services to meet custom client requirements. Mintaka offers a combination of in-depth understanding of enterprise software development with extensive collaborative development experience and consulting services. Mintaka's web services apply scalable technology with innovation and experience to help IT organizations redefine their trust boundaries, harnessing the uncertainties of the Net to secure the development environment and increase confidence to outsource IT development work. Mintaka's web services are a radically new approach to security threats against development vulnerabilities and signal the next generation of Knowledge Management and software development security solutions. Develop software in a secure collaborative environment and police the extended enterprise in real time.

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