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Meat Week is the only national week-long holiday devoted to the celebration of barbecued meats. Started in 2005 in Tallahassee, Florida by co-workers Chris Cantey and Erni Walker, Meat Week has now spread across the country. Some years there have been as many as 15-20 cities celebrating Meat Week with their own chapters. The longest-consecutively-running chapters are: Tallahassee, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Washington DC, and Baltimore. Meat Week always starts the last Sunday in January. For 8 nights straight, friends and strangers alike gather to eat BBQ. The "Captain" of each city creates a schedule including 7 different BBQ restaurants to visit for the week. Originally, the first night and last night were both celebrated at Sonny's, a regional south-eastern chain. Now, most cities celebrate the 8th night at someone's home with a BYOBBQ and cookout, as it usually falls on Superbowl Sunday (a happy accident). There are no "rules" to Meat Week, but there are plenty of traditions that have evolved over the years. One of our original traditions is that of "meatography. Everyone who attends Meat Week gets a photo with their meat each night. We also get a big group photo underneath the restaurant's sign. And then there's Hype Week, which originated in Atlanta. For the week leading up to the actual holiday, people excited about Meat Week make various graphical and video meat-hype to plaster about the internet. Some people have even gone analog and created t-shirts and posters with their own city's name and unique logo. Many people attend all 8 nights of Meat Week, but no one other than the captain and/or first mate are expected to. There are also plenty of vegetarians in attendance, including a few vegetarian captains. Most of them come for the camaraderie but stay for the sides. At its core, this holiday is about togetherness. Gathering over BBQ harkens back to our family's traditions. It's not a prim and proper meal, it's a down-home hang-out. Everyone can let their hair down and be themselves at a BBQ restaurant. We revel in the fact that so many people have latched on to this holiday and made it their own. Meat Week started with a couple of friends creating a new tradition, and it's grown to an event that makes us feel close to people we've never even met. For one week out of the year, we get to see our friends every single night, look at pictures of our brethren in different cities, and bask in the greasy glow of delicious smoked meats. We get to see peoples' creative sides and their senses of humor, which really come through in their hype. More than anything, this holiday is about an American tradition that is alive and well, and deserves to be celebrated all year long. But, you know, we also value our colons, so we squeeze this celebration into an event that keeps us from experiencing those post-Christmas blues. Soon as New Year's is behind us, we're ready to eat meat, repeat.

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