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Shoehorn provides a highly entertaining yet educational presentation sure to be a hit with your students. Tap dancer and multi-instrumentalist Michael "Shoehorn" Conley has worked his whole life to embrace cultural diversity, starting with his experience as an exchange student in Peru, and continuing through his studies of jazz saxophone and rhythm tap, Spanish, Japanese, and other languages, and his interest in peace and environmental awareness, as reflected in his recordings and performances. His work illustrates the connections between races and nations through rhythm and song. Tailoring each show to grade level, Shoehorn can break down musical forms which constitute American musical heritage and place them in context with amusing introductions and utilizing various instruments. He is also a forceful advocate for the under-appreciated art form of rhythm tap dance, with personal connections to some of the overlooked masters of the dance, most of whom suffered from discrimination which denied them more prominent careers in 20th century show business. "Tap dance is a vital and important component of our musical heritage which influenced the rhythms of modern jazz in a profound way", he says, citing lore from masters such as Charles "Honi" Coles, James "Buster" Brown, Steve Condos, the Nicholas Brothers, Jimmy Slyde, Pronce Spencer, Jeni LeGon, and others. Shoehorn also pays homage to important musical figures the children may never have heard of, such as saxophonists Sydney Bechet, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins and Charlie Parker, as well as folk artists such as harmonica master Sonny Terry.

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