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Lee Green Basketball is a Christian based Basketball Academy that provides players from all backgrounds with the opportunity to grow on and off the court. As we take pride in being Christ-like role models to the youth that participate in our academy. What does the Adidas sponsorship mean? One of Lee Green Basketball major sponsors are Adidas. Which is a nationally recognized brand. Its an honor to have the support of Team Adidas. This sponsorship will give our players more exposure. All of our sportswear will be Adidas brand. There will be a couple of our teams that will participate in nationally recognized NCAA sanction Adidas tournaments. What's the difference between your Academy teams and Select teams? Our Academy teams are structured for players/teams1st - 8th grade that need more court time for individual development and to build team chemistry. Our Select teams are structured for player/teams5th - 12th grade teams/players whom are able to compete and be competitive at the tournament level. The competition is highly competitive at the tournament level. This can be an overwhelming experience for player who haven’t yet had the experience of competing at this level. Our goal as Club Basketball organization is to elevate each individual player skills and performance on the court. How many players are on the club teams? We typically carry 9-10 players on each team. Is it a problem if my child plays another select sport in addition to the select basketball team? Participating in any select sport is a major commitment. And especially if its a skilled sport such as basketball. So its important that you as parent allow your child to get as much from the experience of playing select basketball as possible. Playing two select sports at the same time will put a lot pressure on any child and could lead to possible "burnout". Why many kids are quitting sports at an early age. *We still want our players to participate in school sports if they happen to play any in between March - July. Where are the tournaments played? Most of the tournaments that our teams participate in will be in the north Texas region (carrollton, lewisville, frisco, lake dallas, denton, keller, grapevine, plano and etc). There will be some of our teams that will participate in out state and region tournaments to get more exposure. (Houston, San Antonio, Maryland, Kentucky, Indiana, California, Georgia, Tennessee and etc). How many tournaments do the teams participate in? Each of our teams could play 7-10 tournaments. It all depends on the age group and team. Some of our younger teams (1st thru 5th grade) could possibly play in a spring and summer league. Where they will play once a week. How much does it cost to participate on one of your club teams? Our club fees differentiates from the different ages groups that we have. However, are fees are divided evenly according to the number of players we have on each team. The club dues will cover uniforms, administrative duties, coaches, gym fees and tournament fees. There are no hidden fees. The club dues will not cover player travel expenses to out of state or region tournaments such as hotel and food. *At tryouts each parent will be given a sheet outlining what it may cost for their child to participate in our program. Where are the practices held? We have two locations at this time where we will be conducting our practices The Mac Sports (Lewisville) and Swisher Courts (Lake Dallas). Each team will practice twice week. We have yet to determine where each team will be practicing. We will notify each of players and parents where their son and/or daughter team will be practicing after tryouts. How long is the spring and summer season? The season goes from March to July. Playing time: How is it determined? Since we are a select basketball organization, we understand the importance of teaching our players how to earn their playing time. We feel telling our players that everyone will get equal playing time is taking away from them the opportunity to take ownership and pride in working hard and earning their playing time. We believe its part of our responsibility to position our players for success in life for after basketball. And we want see all of our players to succeed both on and off the court. This sounds great, how can I get my kid involved NOW? Please click on the links below to sign your child up for our upcoming Spring tryouts. We look forward to seeing you there.

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