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The LCS offers free, permanent web hosting and naming services to members and any community projects. What you get: 2 emails (fully hosted or just redirected) secure Jabber IM support for both emails (same protocol as e.g. Gmail chat uses, fully interoperable, and usable in any good IM client, like Adium or Trillian) 2 subdomains, each with: unlimited hard drive space unlimited GB/mo bandwidth 1 SSH/SFTP user unlimited emails, hosted by Gmail or DreamHost 1 subversion repository with unlimited accounts, public or private 1 MySQL database 1 announce or discussion mailing list free installation of WordPress, MediaWiki, and many others(please inquire) ability to self-install anything else that runs or compiles on Unix (and doesn't require persistent daemons or root access), e.g. HTML, PHP, CGI, Java, or Rails-based websites all of this permanent (or as close to it as we can manage) web-based Secure Shell (SSH) login, for when you want to change your site but you don't have access to a standard client You can also get the subdomains and emails separate from hosting, and point them at your existing servers (like does) either via a mirror or a redirect. We can increase any of these default quota limits if you have a good reason to do so. Please ask if you believe you need more than the defaults. Please note also that projects you host with us that are community-oriented (rather than personal) do not count against your quotas.

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