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Kiosk Connections' Employee Vendor Program provides the opportunity to offer your employees convenient onsite shopping! Your employees can shop for necessities and unique gifts without leaving your premises. Your resources are not taxed with program administration. Kiosk Connections manages all the details for you. Our Program is designed to meet your specifications and complement your existing benefits. You determine the frequency, you decide which days, and you have the ability to restrict products or services that you feel may compete with your current benefit program. Our program is flexible. If you'd like to increase Vendor Day frequency around the holidays or decrease it during the summer, Kiosk Connections can accommodate your schedule. Our Vendor Program allows select vendors to schedule, setup, display, and promote their products and services at your location. We develop your company profile for a custom Vendor Program that meets your needs. Your profile is the guide we use to manage your Vendor Program to your specifications. You decide which days to make available. We facilitate vendor scheduling on the days you've selected. You decide the frequency. Want to schedule vendors more or less frequently at certain times of the year? Kiosk Connections can accommodate your wishes instantly. You decide arrival times and procedures. We communicate your requirements to the vendors. You decide which products to restrict. We automatically block vendors who offer products you've restricted. You decide the guidelines for your program. We follow your guidelines and provide our services free of charge. In addition, Kiosk Connections will pay you a fee for the use of your display area. We Screen the Vendors and Products for you - Kiosk Connections carefully screens Specialty Retail Vendors to ensure the highest quality products and services. Vendors are obliged to follow our Standards of Etiquette . We schedule the vendors on the dates you have selected. We manage all the details based on your requirements. We communicate your requirements to the Vendors to ensure they are met. When your Vendor Program begins, your involvement is minimal: Your on-line calendar is your portal to scheduled vendor and product information. To promote your Vendor Program, we can offer your employees on-line viewing of upcoming Vendor Days. Our simple feedback form enables us to be responsive to your needs and continually improve your program. Or, you can contact us directly at 781-254-2320. To communicate the details of your program we provide you the ability to share important information about your calendar of events with Human Resources, Security, Facilities, and any other departments you designate. For each Specialty Retail Vendor that markets their products at your location in the previous month, Kiosk Connections sends a summary of activity and a payment for an agreed upon fee. What Do You Have To Do To Get Started? Contact Kiosk Connections to develop your Company Profile . Your profile provides the information necessary for Kiosk Connections to customize your Employee Vendor Program . Once your Profile is set up, you need only provide the display area and location access. Kiosk Connections manages the rest of the details with the vendor.

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