Kartago Inc


$2.4 Million




Kartago Inc. is a California incorporated small business entity. Kartago Inc. is a purveyor of Propulsive and Environmental Technologies. Kartago Inc. promotes Real Estate Management and Development. Kartago Inc. retains copyright and proprietorship to the contents, logo and identity of www.kartagoinc.com, www.polarequilibrium.com, www.syncool.com and www.graphiteglobe.com. "CRYSONIX" www.crysonix.com (patent pending) is a Kartago Inc www.kartagoinc.com manifestation that is germane to cryogenic shockwave augmentation and hypersonic piercing. CRYOGENIC shockwave augmentation and HYPERSONIC piercing are conversely exclusive and original Kartago Inc promotional and intellectual ware. Kartago Inc claims original and exclusive domain to cryogenic shockwave augmentation, hypersonic piecing, derivative hypersonic mobility platforms and SSTO shuttle derivatives.

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