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AND, to honor the great builders, designers, artists, and owners of the Rod & Custom Industry, in 2006 Jonnie created the "Hall Of Fame Legends" Series...Interviewing these Legends one-on-one to document & record their personal histories & stories. The HOFL Series went on-line with full Industry support in 2007, and has become one of the most viewed and listened to R&C Sites to ever hit the net ...with all 50 States and over 130 Countries WorldWide logging on ! A true Communicator of the highest level, Jonnie always brought to every station and project he's been involved in a built-in audience: long-time listeners and fans who truly appreciate the warmth, humour and sincerity that have always been his trademark. NOW, with a chance to share that passion, knowledge, and, enthusiasm with listeners' all over the World, and to bring his personal stories, history, airchecks, pictures, and memories, on-line in this special WebSite, many will hear him for the first time and understand what's made Jonnie King truly one of the longest-running, most respected, Broadcast Professionals in theIndustry since 1967. Want to see some of the most beautiful cars ever built, and hear from the men who built them ? Check-Out the "HALL OF FAME LEGENDS" Series at Plus, The BEST of "Golden Age Radio" since 1973: Jonnie King With "THE BREAKFAST SERIAL" ! In a daily-serialized form, Radio Classics from the "lost art" of Golden Age Radio. Truly "must hear theatre of the mind" Radio ! Listen here: Our Home-Base WebSite is The WorldWide Broadcasting Company Headquarters Site. It gives an overview on our Sites, Goals, etc., to access it just click-on:

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