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We provide nonstop internet music 24/7 with local business focus. The following article was reprinted from The Daily Nebraskan newspaper: Internet Jazz Radio Program Reaches Out by Kekeli Dawes, DN James Terry loves smooth jazz. So much, in fact, that four years ago he worked on making an entire radio station devoted to it. But you can't find Jazz Time Smooth Radio on your FM dial -- it's an internet radio program, and James Terry can't stop talking about it. Terry is a born and raised Lincolnite who is in no way new to radio. While studying sociology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln he took a few broadcasting classes, so onece KZUM began giving away 10-watt radio stations, he was ready to start a show of his own. In the late 70s Terry ran "Malone Raching Out," a show devoted to his passion for teaching youth. The show taught kids from and around the Malone area in Lincoln about broadcasting. However, Terry wasn't simply a disc jocky at the community station, he was one of the founding members. "I helped write up the by-laws and was a board of directors for about four year," Terry said. He said he found Lincoln needed an independent commmunity station because "(commercial stations) weren't playing what the community needed to hear." After more training and interning in Iowa in the early 80s, Terry returned to KZUM to craft a new show targeted at university students called "The JT Soul Show: Music You Never Heard. The program that often ran five to six hours played blues, R&B, soul, jazz and reggae for students who couldn't find a minority station that played around the clock. "We had the black community; when our show was on, their (radios) were on. When we're off, they turned them off.

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