Huron Church Camp


$2.4 Million






Huron Church Camp offers the joys of summer camp to children and youth, while providing God's church with a unique opportunity to reach out in the name of Jesus. It has been with us since 1946 and the memories of camp have impacted members of our Diocese in ways that one cannot even imagine. Through Renew we confirm our commitment to this vital ministry to the young people of our Diocese and community. In addition to being a prayerful and nurturing experience for children and teens, Huron Church Camp is an invaluable training ground for those who participate in the counselor-in-training programs or act as qualified counselors during the camp program. Our Diocesan camp plays a key role in growing the future leaders of our communities, parishes and our Anglican church. Recently one former camper gave this testimonial about her years at camp: "As a child I went to church each Sunday, yet nothing touched my soul as much as singing, praising and talking about God in natural surroundings of camp. I recall that time as one of the most tangible and meaningful connections with my spirituality. I remember sitting at the camp fire at night and feeling the presence of God. It was a gift." When our young people grow in faith we can all rejoice - just as Jesus rejoiced when he sent out his disciples and they gained experience working on their own (Luke 9:10). Our camp helps our youth build character. It is a place that holds a special place in many of our hearts - a place that is in need of preservation if it is to be available to future generations. In short, buildings at Huron Church Camp have suffered from age and there is a need to renovate and upgrade the facilities for today and tomorrow - and the Huron Church Camp Committee has prepared a 'long-term property development plan' that indicates the camp requires a capital infusion of approximately $2 million. Through the resources provided by Renew we look forward to revitalized facilities at Huron Church Camp and this will help to ensure that our camping ministry amongst our youth carries on in the years ahead.

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