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It is the stated intention of the management team at Cranbrook Glen to operate Headshots as a separate and distinct brand and brand name. This will thereby allow a unique mix of products and services to exist within each brand, and while there will be some product names that will exist in both Headshots and Henry's, the goal is to match the needs and skill level of the customer with the store and people best suited to them. This will now encompass all levels of photographer from budding amateur right up to full time professionals. Q. Why did Headshots choose to align itself with Henry's? A. Several reasons, the first of which was that Cranbrook Glen had already made the decision to begin representing professional products and rentals, so sooner or later a Cranbrook Glen company was going to exist in the market. Secondly, there has been a synergy of cooperation and support between Headshots and Henry's for many, many years. Once both parties understood the goals of the other, it was a clear fit. For Cranbrook Glen, it means an almost instant presence in the professional market while still allowing the successful qualities of Headshots and the Headshots staff to grow to new heights. Q. Who will be in charge of Headshots? A. Dean Rowan has been appointed General Manager of Headshots by the management of Cranbrook Glen. This ensures that all the ideals and motivations that guided the evolution and development of Headshots since 1990 will survive. There will be a very slight repositioning of people within Headshots, but in essence, everyone who you have contacted and worked with before will be in the same chairs, with the same great attitudes, and the same desires to work hard to help our client succeed. Q. Who owns Headshots? A. As of March 31, 2007, Headshots will be owned by Cranbrook Glen Enterprises Limited, the parent company of Henry's. Cranbrook Glen is a privately held Canadian corporation. Q. Are there any major brand names that Headshots will stop carrying? A. Just the opposite in fact. You can look for new leading brand names in the near future that either enhance or compliment the brands we already carry, both in rentals and sales inventory. As for the names on which we have prided ourselves for many years, such as Hasselblad, Broncolor, Profoto, Chimera and many more, those manufacturers will soon see what the momentum of a highly motivated group like Cranbrook Glen can do to raise brand profile. Q. Will Headshots now sell "point and shoot" cameras alongside high-end lighting and digital backs? A. Not likely, since these are not products that we either have expertise with, or that people associate us with. However, what we will do is facilitate such access for our clients, when and if they need to purchase such equipment. With over 20 Henry's locations now considered sister companies to Headshots, and each of those stores already the acknowledged leading source for photographic equipment in their region, there is a huge base on which to draw on, and one of the first goals for Headshots management will be to solidify relationships with each of those stores. Q. What does this mean to me, for example, in regard to rentals? A. More rental equipment, newer rental equipment, a broader range of rental equipment, and as new products are released from the manufacturers, they will be in rentals faster than ever before. The prime focus of the Headshots management in the coming months will be to introduce new and easier ways for clients to access rental equipment, and while specifics are not yet ready for release, I can assure you that rental clients will be very pleased with the new Headshots.

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