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GIGI is a girlie magazine, and, if our feedback is anything to judge by, your girls are only going to want more! There are lots of reasons for this. We divide our gorgeous, glossy magazine into six segments covering all of the important things: Embellish looks at beautiful, natural ways to add flair to your life and introduces our lovely cover-girl Sparkle features health matters and includes several wholesome recipes. Essence offers great natural beauty tips and looks into body issues and self-esteem. Glance is where you'll find exquisite, up-to-the-minute modest fashion tips. Moments features encouraging, true life stories about girls who have dealt with life-changing, contemporary issues, and. Blossom shows you how to cultivate a flourishing spiritual life. Best yet, none of our cover girls or the girls in our feature stories are models! We are determined to show how everyday young women are beautiful in all their diverse and fascinating ways! We hope you can see, as we do, how significant GIGI is as a way of showing young women to be confident with whom they are. Please help us to spread the positive message GIGI has to offer to the girls in your community. GIGI is a seasonal magazine (four per year) and can be ordered individually or annually.

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