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1986 The Gao Brothers created a water and ink painting series. 1987 They created a paper- cut series of work and sculpture entitled "The Wail of the End of Century," and the paintings, "The Man on Guard," "Fortress" etc. They organized the Century- End Painting Association, edited and printed a catalog entitled "Contemporary Expressionist Art: The First Exhibition Of the Century- End Painting Association." 1988 The Gao Brothers created an ‘Inflationism' installation series including "Mass at Midnight", "The Sexual Flower Of Century- End," etc. 1989 "Mass Midnight" and some photographs of the ‘Inflationism' installation series were exhibited in the China Avant- Garde Exhibit, located in Beijing's National Fine Art Museum of China, producing extensive influence. While this exhibition was in progress, the Gao Brothers were blacklisted because of their signature on the public letter in which members of the intellectual circle requested that the Chinese government release Wei Jingsheng, a man in prison for holding different political views. The Gao Brothers were thus forbidden to go abroad for 14 years. They created the oil painting, "Season being Raped," an ink and wash painting series, "The Illusory Scenery", "The Ship of Century," " The Trains to 2,000" and so on. A few ink and wash paintings were exhibited in the "Chinese Painting Exhibition" in Japan's Printed Poetry collection "Expression." 1990 The Gao Brothers created "Passive Voice," "Revelation," "Cross the Mirage of Time," etc. poems, paper- cuts and painting works. 1991 The Gao Brothers created the oil painting, "What are we waiting for" and "Mankind's Song" . 1992 The three oil paintings "Season being Raped," "What are we waiting for" and "Mankind's Song" were exhibited at the "Guangzhou Biennale". The Gao Brothers created the works "A History of Red Civilization", "Lovable Truth", "Contemporary Apocalypticism " etc., and also printed a collection of poems entitled "Despairing Venus." 1993 They created the works, "China in the West Wind", "Red Civilization History" ," The Window to Beijing", etc. They printed two catalogues of Copy Machine Art "China - Critical Marcussai" and "China - Contemporary Revelation". 1994 They created the oil painting, "Heaven Love," and started an installation- sculpture series called "Crisis: The Great Crucifix." The Gao Brothers organized and performed in the Large Earth Performance Art Series on the Southern bank of Jinan's Yellow River, and created "The Broken Chapter of History" and other works. 1995 The Gao Brothers created Crisis: The Great Crucifix series installation- sculpture series that included "World Night," "Worry of Mankind," "Century Dusk" and "Mass at Dawn." These four pieces were exhibited at the Jinan Painting Institute. The Gao Brothers created a photograph of the performance, "An Installation on Tiananmen," the photograph, "The Ruins of Nationalism," the performances "Mass in the Square" and "UFO Flying over the Sky above the Square," and finally the landscape installation works, "Hot House Effect" and " Another Rivers," etc. Several water and wash paintings were included in the " ‘95 Best Chinese Paintings Exhibition" that toured in the United States and Canada. 1996 The Gao Brothers finished the installation- sculpture, "Gospel," which was the last piece in the Great Crucifix series. The book "Critical: A Series Of the Great Crucifix & Other Works - Dialogue, Critical Discourse and Study on the Gao Brothers' Art" was published by the Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House Of China. The Gao Brothers accepted the request of Mr. Zou Jianping, the Chief editor of the journal "Contemporary Art," to start collecting material for the "Art Ecology Report" performance work called "Tide Rises and Falls" in Rizhao, Shandong. The Gao Brothers also took part in "The Documentary Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art" in Chengdu. 1997 The Gao Brothers created the photograph "Commemoration," and others, and held their own exhibit, "The Exhibition of Gao Brothers Studio Opens to the Outside" in Beijing.

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