Europroduzione S.R.L


Europroduzione s.r.l. is a production company that was founded in 2000 with the objective of becoming one of the main referents on the Italian television scene. Lead by experienced professionals and driven by a young and enthusiastic team, Europroduzione is the Italian branch of Grupo Europroducciones. Europroducciones is one of the most important companies operating in the Spanish television field. Europroduzione is concentrated on expanding and diversifying the group's activities in Italy, by creating synergies with Spain and the other countries in which the group operates. Europroduzione plays an active role in all fields of television production. Thanks to its own facilities - both Italian and international - and to a team of skilled professionals, Europroduzione is capable of meeting any needs, from the creation of original projects to the marketing of both its and third parties' formats or to the development of "key-in-hand" solutions. During these years of intense activity, the company managed to conquer its place in the television market, dealing successfully with all television genres (variety show, game-show, candid camera, docu-fiction, stand-up comedy, fiction) and paying special attention to the final product's contents and presentation. Europroduzione cooperates with the main Italian television stations (Rai, Mediaset e La 7) and plays an active role on the market of satellite television, terrestrial digital and web TV.

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