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Douglas Nelson is a Professional and seasoned financial advisor based in Winnipeg, Canada.He is a Partner, Senior Financial Advisor and Portfolio Risk Manager for clients of Nelson Financial Consultants. elson Financial Consultants was founded in 1966 when Vernon, Doug's father, began his career in the Financial Services Industry. oug joined the firm in 1992. elson Financial is a multi-advisor firm that specializes in providing advanced financial planning strategies to Entrepreneurs, Family Businesses, Executives, Professionals and their family's. Doug is also the author of the Master Your Retirement book and several industry courses published through the Knowledge Bureau. All of these publications are available through the Store on this site. As a result of the unique combination of first hand experience, formal education and the research that went into the development of the courses and the book, Doug is unique among his peers. Doug is also a sought after speaker for many industry association events. His articles have been published nationally and has been a guest on radio. With all of this being said, what should you look for in an advisor? In our opinion it is important to look for someone who understands the following: How to build wealth: If the advisor does not have a firm grasp of how to do this, then how can they provide advice? Access to an unlimited range of product solutions: Some of the greatest concepts and ideas come from the unique implementation of specific wealth management products. Yet, not all advisors have access to all products. In some cases advisors will not have access to products due to their "license" while in other situations it may have to do with the environment in which they work. The ability to charge "fees" is a very important aspect of the overall process. In many cases advisors will bundle "financial planning" services as part of the "portfolio management fees" charged to the client. In most situations, however, the client pays the same or more fee each year while receiving the same or less overall service. By separating the portfolio fees from the planning fees you pay only what you should pay each and every year. In our practice we strive to minimize portfolio management fees so as to maximize long term accumulation of wealth. This means that we charge for specific financial planning fees when the need arises and only when specific work is done on your behalf. Doug meets each of these requirements: As can be seen from the various publications available through this website. By having advanced financial planning creditials (CFP = Certified Financial Planning designation, MFA = Master Financial Advisor designation). By having access to an unlimited range of investment product options through the R.N. Croft Financial Group relationship. Doug is licensed as an Associate Portfolio Management through the R.N. Croft Financial Group which empowers him to provide specific discretionary management services on behalf of his clients. Doug is licensed to provide insurance solutions such a life, disability, critical illness and long term care insurance as well as innovative "annuity" solutions. As an independent organization Doug has the freedom and flexibility to charge financial planning fees while at the same time reducing long term portfolio management costs. This trade off is a significant contributor to long term wealth.

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