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We pride ourselves for keeping current with the needs of today's clients. Our technology ranks the highest allowing for quick and easy sharing of information. We are proud of the company that only time, experience and hard work could build. We hope you find pride in our company when working with VanDyk Mortgage. Getting a Mortgage Loan Commitment Letter in this competitive market may be the deciding factor to have a Contract Accepted when Making an Offer. This is the document an underwriter sends to the loan officer once a Loan is Approved. This is the Real Deal! A commitment letter will detail every aspect of the mortgage. It will include the terms and interest rate. It will itemize the "Conditions" (the items that must be provided or explained for final approval). The Commitment Letter will be dated and it will have an expiration date. It may be signed by the underwriter. The Loan Commitment Letter is a formal, legally binding document. So if you want to be sure your Pre-Approval is really an Approval, You should apply for a Mortgage Commitment Letter. 95% of Lenders Do Not provide this service. We at VanDyk Mortgage Do! This is the best way to negotiate the purchase price and get you the Best Offer accepted especially when there are multiple offers, Shorts Sales, and Bank Forecloses.

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