Dalhousie International Students Association


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Dalhousie International Students Association (DISA) is a society that comprises of international students at Dalhousie. Its main mandate is to promote cultural diversity and understanding through social and educational activities and interactions. DISA plays an especially important role in addressing concerns of international students and in helping to make their transition from home to Dalhousie a more enjoyable experience. DISA organizes many events throughout the academic year. These range from field trips to places of interest around the province, to coffee houses and thematic information sessions. This is undertaken in an effort to help students acclimatize themselves to the province whilst enriching their experience and knowledge. Though an international student group, DISA also reaches out and liaises with Canadian students and faculty in an effort to promote internationalism and cultural appreciation at Dalhousie. Perhaps the most important activity DISA undertakes that embodies this goal is the annual variety show dubbed International Night held at the McInnes Room during the winter session. This event showcases cultural dances, acts and food from different parts of the world. Most importantly, it brings together International and Canadian students and faculty members under an umbrella of unity and understanding of the wealth of cultural diversity present at Dalhousie. We have lots of events and activities planned for the academic year and we are always looking forward to ideas, volunteers and participants (both Canadian and International Students). Remember, this is your society, so help us celebrate our diversity together and get in touch with us!

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