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DAGA (Documentation for Action Groups in Asia, DAGA Ltd.) is a registered limited company in Hong Kong incorporated on Oct. 18, 1983. It is associated with the Christian Conference of Asia- Urban Rural Mission (CCA-URM) and with other ecumenical bodies and is "a forum whereby persons and groups, both Christian and secular, may exchange ideas on problems in their countries towards launching educational services so as to bring about spiritual, cultural, moral, social and economic advancement of people (Articles of Incorporation)." Since 1973, when it served as the documentation arm of CCA-URM, DAGA has been involved in the study of TNCs, focusing on the effects they have had on ordinary people - workers, farmers, indigenous people, etc. This thrust arises from our understanding and commitment which regards people as the subject of their own history and which, therefore, seeks their participation in all aspects of life - social, economic and political - towards their sovereign control over their labor and their national resources. One of the transnational powers impinging on this sovereignty since the 1970s is the transnational corporation (TNC). It has been one of the important focuses of our study programs, and it continues to be because it embodies the principles of modern production, the capital, the technology and the organization that largely define the direction of Third World economies, if not their politics. TNCs determine to a greater or lesser degree the following: The type of development and economic direction (mainly, primary commodity and export-oriented development) that non-industrial, agri-based economies of the Third World must pursue. This type of development is defined within the framework of a global economy that is, to say the least, unequal and growing more so.

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