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CCC (UK): At the moment, all news is delivered via private members areas of the club forums, and through our own (again private) Google group. Commodore Free is being phased in as the club newsletter, and will soon be released to members first and everyone else second. RB: What are the membership fees? CCC (UK): Membership fees start from 3 for six months, and up to £30 for life membership. Most people prefer the latter option, as they want to be involved long term. RB: What support do you have for the members? CCC (UK): We can provide spares [when 'in stock'] such as chip or keyboard replacements and so forth, as well as easy fixes and maintenance - these will usually be free to members, but always charged for non-members. We would like to organise workshops, such as using GEOS or Wheels, or using Slang, or even just general 6502 coding. Club members will get first refusal on anything that is in our club shop (still to be set up), and any items listed will be cheaper to members than non-members. For instance, the shop will soon be acquiring some 1541 disk drives; these will be 10% cheaper to members. RB: What are the other advantages of your club? CCC (UK): One practical example is when Conrad had a dodgy 1541 MK-II drive, so he brought it along with him. It was a simple head alignment problem, so we fixed it, there and then. It would have been pointless to send him a D64 image or the alignment software on disk because how would he have loaded it in the first place? So, we're pooling resources, not just in terms of money, but also knowledge. The main point is that we want to keep our Commodore computers useful for as long as possible, but we recognise that for the typical nostalgia hunter, who would typically emulate a Commodore, joining a forum like Lemon64 [for gaming], or subscribing to comp.sys.cbm would probably ideal for them. The latter is a better example as we don't just support the C64, nor are we just interested in gaming, but we aim to support all Commodore 8-bits, as well as the DTV.

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