CBN is developing a useful tool to aid in this process. Coming soon - our "Style Selector" site feature will help you choose a dance direction that is most likely to match with your personality characteristics and lifestyle. Finally, consider booking a trial lesson with one of our affiliates. It is extremely common for people to arrange first lessons without a plan, goal agenda or a specific dance style in mind. All you really need is the spirit to move, and the professionals will figure out the rest! 5. How do I choose the right instructor? When available in your location, carefully complete the search criteria data fields on our site. Once the search results are produced, you can review teacher profiles that accompany each instructor link. Factors to keep in mind when deciding on your instructor: Student Reviews, Experience, Credentials, Pricing, Facility and Location(s). You may also schedule one or more lesson(s) online with the CBN Calendar Feature, paying for the lesson with the CBN Checkout Feature. Once lessons are scheduled and payment is received, we contact instructors and let them know they have a valued member of the Cheryl Burke Network coming their way for a great time on the dance floor. 6. What if I don't have a partner? About two-thirds of our clientele are people anxious to dance but they do not have a dance partner. This is never a problem. Start taking some dance lessons and before you know it, you will have partners for classes, parties, practice sessions, special events and performances. One of the main things we know about people who dance: They rarely have to work hard to find company! If you do have a partner, great. You can both learn from an instructor together or work with different instructors separately who specialize in either leader or follower roles. 7. What if I don't care for my dance lesson? If your expectations are not met on the first lesson, we urge you to contact us immediately to correct the situation. After increasing our understanding about your specific preferences, we will customize a lesson with a new instructor at no additional cost to you. It is our pledge that each member of our network is 100 percent satisfied at all times. At any time during the process of dance training you feel like talking to someone about your experiences, we are eager to consult with you one-on-one. Most issues are resolved by clearly understanding the goals and expectations of our clients. We are prepared to do just that. In the event that your current instructor is unable to meet your needs, we will reassign you within the network. If no acceptable solution is available, we will return all funds for unused lessons booked. Your enjoyment is a primary focus and will never be overlooked.

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